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Click Therapy for Dogs (and the people who love them)

Vivian Zottola, MSc

Welcome to Click Therapy for Dogs (and the people who love them).  

In this podcast,  I’ll be sharing information and practical solutions to common and sometimes complex problems related to pet dog companionship, all backed by science, professional knowledge and experience. 

Hi, I’m Vivian Zottola, an applied anthrozoologist, dog psychologist, and canine behavior modification trainer specializing in preventing and resolving behavior problems between people and pet companions. People hire me for various reasons, from providing behavior evaluations and puppy training to improving separation anxiety and reducing the risk of a bite to toddler, family member,  and other dogs.  

Expect to learn a range of dog-centric topics from animal welfare and ethics, the psychology of human-animal relations, best practices for clear communication and management, and mindful, kind, and humane training tips. 

Thanks for listening, subscribing and sharing what you learn with others, including your pet companion, who … might love you even more for it! 

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